Clinical Observation Experiences

Clinical Observations are opportunities for clinicians to observe the care of patients with HIV infection under the supervision of a clinician with expertise in HIV/AIDS care. MATEC staff facilitates Clinical Observations to meet the specific needs of individual trainees based on current levels of experience and practice settings. Preceptors at the clinics will focus on the care and treatment of HIV+ patients within the context of a comprehensive, continuum of care model. A combination of didactic and experiential instruction may include HIV risk assessment, diagnosis of primary HIV and opportunistic infections, and therapeutic interventions (i.e., drug treatment regimens including managing side effects, salvage therapies, and adherence strategies). Instruction will also include strategies for effectively addressing patients’ psychosocial needs related to mental health and substance abuse issues, and social support.

Participating in a clinical observation experience will enhance your knowledge and skills in the treatment of persons with HIV infection. Our overall goal is to increase access to quality HIV/AIDS care in Indiana by increasing your knowledge, building your clinical skills and increasing your confidence to make appropriate clinical decisions in the treatment of the individual with HIV/AIDS. MATEC-IN has relationships with some of the busiest HIV clinics in the city, including:

These relationships allow us the ability to offer clinicians a variety of date, time and location options.

Contact Rachel Fogleman, Programming Coordinator, at or (317) 880-3517 with questions about our clinical observation experiences.