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Oral Manifestations of HIV Infection

Thursday, March 10, 2016
11:00am CST/ 12:00pm EST


Mona Van Kanegan, DDS, MS, MPH
Oral Health Forum
Heartland Health Outreach
Oral Health Director, Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center


  1. Discuss the prevalence and sequelae of oral disease.
  2. Review profound disparities that exist in oral health and access to care challenges.
  3. Highlight the role of the primary care clinician in promoting oral health; provide professional screening, guidance to decrease risk and referral.
  4. Diagnose and manage common clinical oral conditions related and unrelated to HIV disease.


This webinar is designed to address the following Core Capabilities of the Clinician Scholars program:

Capability #2: Utilize current Department of Health and Human Services treatment guidelines, including those related to special populations, to manage HIV infection.

Capability #3: Incorporate current standards of care, including those related to special populations, into management of HIV infection.

Capability #8: Diagnose and manage common clinical syndromes related to HIV disease. Manage co-morbid conditions related and unrelated to HIV disease.


Current Clinician Scholars are required to submit at least one case study during the four part webinar series. If you wish to submit a case study for the second webinar in March please submit them to Rachel Bates – The deadline to submit case studies for March webinar is Thursday March 3, 2016.

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