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Applications Accepted Now through August 31, 2020 for the FY 21 Cohort (November 1, 2020 – August 31, 2021)

Thank you for your interest in the Clinician Scholars Program. Please keep reading to learn more about the program, find links to application materials, and learn about requirements for program completion.


The Clinician Scholars Program is designed for minority and/or minority serving PhysiciansPhysician AssistantsNurse Practitioners, Advanced Practice Nurses, and Pharmacists serving in the Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin)  who are interested in expanding their capacity to provide HIV/AIDS care.

The aim of the Clinician Scholars Program is to increase the number of clinicians that provide care to under-served or disproportionately affected populations.Scholars receive ten months of in-depth training on HIV/AIDS diagnosis, treatment, medical management and prevention of HIV infection. It is a structured, yet participant-centered, program:

  • A minimum of 12 hours of clinical preceptorship in HIV care.
  • A minimum of 40 hours of skill building training, including but not limited to: two-day intensive, virtual orientation workshop; distance learning offerings, including meeting or trainings; and clinical consultation.
  • Participation in the Clinician Scholars Program Collaborative Learning Sessions, which provide brief didactic presentations on a variety of HIV care topics and allow for case-based discussion with regional HIV experts and peers.
  • Review and discussion of Scholar cases during the Clinician Scholars Program Virtual Orientation and Collaborative Learning Sessions.

Participants can expect to build skills and knowledge through:

Mentorship – Experts in HIV/AIDS care guide participants through the Clinician Scholars Program.

Clinical Consultation – Opportunities to consult with local and regional experts experienced in diagnosing and managing HIV/AIDS care.

Networking Opportunities – Valuable interactions with MATEC Faculty, local and regional HIV/AIDS care providers, and other Scholars.

Clinical Interaction – Participants will observe the care of patients with HIV infection, participate in simulated patient care scenarios, and respond to case presentations.


STEP ONE: Applicants interested in being considered for the 2020-2021 MATEC Clinician Scholars Program cohort must first register through the MATEC training system:

Once you submit your Participant Information Form, you must complete an application. Please be prepared to attach a recent copy of your resume/CV to the application. PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to save your application and come back to it later, so please be prepared to complete your application in one sitting.

A Statement of Workplace Endorsement is required to participate in the Clinician Scholars program.  This endorsement informs your workplace about the requirements of the program and the possible need for time off to complete those requirements. This should be sent to and electronically signed by your direct supervisor.

In addition to this application, we encourage applicants to provide at least one Letter of Recommendation. A Letter of Recommendation is not required, but strongly encouraged.


All aforementioned materials must be submitted to MATEC no later than August 31, 2020, to be considered for the 2020-2021 Clinician Scholars cohort. Applicants will be informed of their admission or rejection into the program by the end of September. Applicants who are accepted into the program will set a time with their Monitor in October to complete their enrollment packet, baseline assessment and entrance survey, and choose their case presentation date (first come-first served).

To apply for the Clinician Scholars Program, applicants will need to attest that they meet the program criteria and can complete the required program activities:

  • Must be providing direct clinical services in the Midwest region.
  • Must complete their course of study in 10 months, between November 1, 2020, and August 31, 2021.
  • Must participate in all assessment and evaluation activities throughout the program.
  • Must complete 52 hours of study, which includes 40 hours of training and 12 hours of virtual or face-to-face (as available) clinical preceptorship.
  • Must participate in the MANDATORY two-day Clinician Scholars Program Virtual Orientation via Cisco Webex. Orientation is scheduled for between 8:00 AM CST/9:00 AM EST and 3:00 PM CST/4:00 PM EST on Thursday and Friday, November 5 and 6, 2020.
  • Must present at least one case for discussion during the Clinician Scholars Program Virtual Orientation or during one of the Clinician Scholars Program Collaborative Learning Sessions. Scholars will have the opportunity to choose which session they wish to present on when they enroll with their Monitor.
  • Must attend at least five of the eight monthly Clinician Scholars Program Collaborative Learning Sessions. These sessions will be hosted every third Friday of the month, beginning December 18, 2020 and ending July 15, 2021, from 10:00 AM CST/11:00 AM EST to 11:30 AM CST/12:30 PM EST.
  • Must attend the MANDATORY Clinician Scholars Program Virtual Closing Session on Friday, August 20, 2021, from 10:00 AM CST/11:00 AM EST to 11:30 AM CST/12:30 PM EST.

Please contact Rachel Fogleman, Regional MAI Coordinator, at (317) 880-3517 or, or someone at your local MATEC office with questions or concerns.