HIV Justice Toolkit Now Available Online

Source: HIV Justice Network
Published October 5, 2017

HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE has announced the launch of the HIV Justice Toolkit, which aims to support advocates to oppose HIV criminilaization at all levels – from educating communities and lawmakers to defending individual cases.

The Toolkit is a comprehensive compendium of almost 300 documents and videos, organized under twelve main headings, each of which is broken down into further subsections:

  1. How HIV Criminalization Undermines the HIV Response
  2. What the Experts Say
  3. Organizing Advocacy
  4. Understanding the Law
  5. Initiating Policy and Law Reform
  6. Supporting Fair and Robust Trials
  7. Using Science to Prove Your Argument
  8. Working with Police
  9. Educating Prosecutors
  10. Educating Judges
  11. Getting the Message Right
  12. Other Toolkits

The entire Toolkit is searchable by keyword. Although the Toolkit is currently only available in English, documents that already exist in other languages are included.

HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE are now working on a French version of the Toolkit, with other languages (i.e. Spanish and Russian) due in 2018, depending on demand, capacity and funding.

Click here to explore the resources contained within the HIV Justice Toolkit.

Click here to see the full news release on the HIV Justice Toolkit.