Call to Action – Advocate Against HIV Funding Cuts

Dear Friend,

As you are likely aware, President Donald Trump recently released a proposed budget that would cut spending for domestic programs across the board. This includes the elimination of all funds for the AIDS Training & Education Centers (AETCs). Should this budget pass, the AETCs would be eliminated as of July 1st, 2018, ending what we have worked so hard to build since 1987.

If in your individual capacity, you would like to contact your Member of Congress and express your thoughts on the potential budgetary changes, AIDS United has created an easy to use e-mail letter that allows you to contact them directly. The purpose of the letter is to educate Members of Congress on the importance of the AIDS Education and Training Centers and inform them that the proposed budget eliminates their funding. You can edit, personalize, or add any other information you believe they may find useful.

To send a letter to your senators and representatives, click on the link below for the AIDS United Action Policy Center’s website and follow the simple to use instructions. It only takes a few minutes.

Click here to send your letter and learn more about what’s on the line.


Thank you.
Ricardo Rivero
Ricardo A. Rivero, MD,  MPH
Executive Director
Midwest AIDS Training + Education Center