Is our Care Quality?

HIV-related morbidity and mortality has dropped dramatically due to advances in HIV/AIDS treatment. But reductions are uneven across HIV-infected populations due to unequal access to care and variable quality of services provided. Quality management seeks to enhance the quality of HIV care provided and increase access to services. They do so by measuring how health and social services meet established professional standards and user expectations.

HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau’s (HAB’s) quality initiatives, which focus on the service delivery system at various levels are designed to help grantees implement quality management programs that target clinical, administrative, and supportive services.

HRSA is committed to improving the quality of care and services and ultimately the quality of life for people living with HIV and AIDS. This commitment is made evident by the variety and depth of efforts undertaken by HAB to address the quality of care, treatment and training across all programs administered by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.

Stay tuned to learn how Indiana’s Transitional Grant Area (TGA) is doing when it comes to the Quality of the HIV/AIDS care we provide.


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