CDC Releases the 2014 State HIV Prevention Progress Report

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released the 2014 State HIV Prevention Progress Report. This report offers state-level (and D.C.) baseline information on six HIV prevention and care indicators and the 2015 national goals for these indicators. The report’s six indicators capture outcomes across the HIV continuum of care and reflect goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, Healthy People 2020, and CDC’s HIV prevention strategic plan. Achieving the 2015 national goals will lead to reduced HIV transmission and better health for people living with HIV infection. This report provides an opportunity to reflect on states’ individual progress and on progress between states, on national estimates, and on 2015 goals. To reach the 2015 national goals, accelerated progress is needed both nationally and locally. Page 54 of this report (see link below) highlights Indiana’s status on HIV care and Prevention objectives. See complete report for more information.

Indiana Progress Report 2014 PDF

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