Indiana Welcomes New Clinician Scholars

Join us in welcoming our new Clinician Scholars!

Amy comes to the Scholars program from Matthew25 Clinic in Evansville, IN where she has been employed since December of 2011. Coming from a more rural area she is looking forward to connecting with providers in other areas and expanding her knowledge of HIV care.

Elizabeth Shuck, NP-BC
Elizabeth has extensive experience as a nurse practitioner and is a new member of the LifeCare family. She has fully embraced the change to HIV care and comes to the Clinician Scholars program to reach her goal of learning more about HIV care. 

Julie Borum, NP
Returning to HIV care after a small break to raise her family, Julie joins forces at LifeCare and returns to the HIV care arena. She hopes to update her clinical knowledge of HIV care through the Clinician Scholars Program.

The Clinician Scholars were chosen from a pool of applicants for our 2014-2015 fiscal year. Over the next 12 months, MATEC will be supporting these Scholars through a series of clinical training opportunities tailored to their personal goals as HIV care providers. Congratulations, Amy, Elizabeth, and Julie! We look forward to working with you!
For more information on the MATEC Clinician Scholars Program, please visit:

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