in+care Campaign: Keeping Patients in Care and in Good Health

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by Michael Hager, MPH, MA, Technical Assistance and Dissemination Manager at the National Quality Center
March 26, 2014

The in+care Campaign is a multi-year effort managed by the National Quality Center and sponsored by the Health Resources Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau. It is designed to bring together local, regional and national organizations that are focused on improving patient retention in HIV care. in+care kicked off in October 2011 and has enrolled more than 700 individual HIV providers representing more than 500 provider organizations, including Ryan White grantees and subgrantees of all Parts funding. Based on the patients served by these HIV providers, the in+care Campaign has the power to reach more than 375,000 people living with HIV (best effort at de-duplication), which is more than 35% of the US HIV epidemic.

Wondering how you can take action based on the National HIV/AIDS Strategy? The in+care Campaign is a great place to start! It contains several activities to engage stakeholders from various backgrounds related to HIV care. Webinars, newsletters and website resources serve as a means of connecting these stakeholder groups and sharing information and strategies across the vast area of our country. Retention and viral suppression performance measures are submitted by participants every other month and are used to show the steady improvement in patient retention and viral suppression over time. Each Campaign participant is assigned a quality coach to help design, implement, and evaluate improvement strategies targeting opportunities to help achieve greater patient retention and viral suppression.Who doesn’t like free help? Visit for more information! Also, see the TARGET Center for a collection of 21 in+carewebcasts held over the past several years.

Since 2011, in+care staff has compiled a group of special reports based on submissions made to the in+careCampaign. Some of these reports compare performance between different types of providers in different settings and others catalogue the types of retention and viral suppression quality improvement strategies being implemented across the US in conjunction with the in+care Campaign. While the Campaign was not designed to identify which retention or viral suppression quality improvement strategies are most promising, it is a wonderful vehicle for sharing successes and disseminating evidence-based interventions throughout the national Ryan White provider community.

If you have any questions about this initiative or want to know how you can get involved, contact Michael Hager anytime at ! Add in+care Campaign services to your retention in care toolbox, and continue to refer to the AETC Engagement in Care Toolkit for additional resources.

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